Best Gluten Free Pasta Gift Baskets in India

Gluten free pasta gift baskets

Pasta! Didn’t you just crave something listening to that one word? Mind you, just a word!

Pasta has the power to do that. Sure, there is pizza and we could get in the debate of who’s better than whom but let’s just agree to one thing – Everyone likes pasta! So why not gift gluten-free pasta gift baskets to your loved ones who enjoy it as much as you?


Gluten-free pasta gift baskets

Pasta is great! But it is even better when it is gluten-free, especially for those who choose the gluten-free alternatives over anything else. If you know anyone who has adopted the gluten-free diet, you would know that it involves a huge change in dietary habits and requires them to consume specific products.

Pasta is generally made of refined flour or wheat flour, both of which are a big no-no for those who practice gluten-free diets, either out of choice or because of medical needs. This is because whole grains like wheat are not gluten-free and cannot be consumed. But does that mean anyone walking the gluten-free route can never enjoy pasta? Absolutely not!

There are tons of gluten-free pasta options available in the market today, which can be consumed by those following gluten-free diets and still enjoy every bit of the mouth-watering goodness of pasta that makes the heart happy. You can gift Gluten-free Pasta Gift Baskets to your friends and family.

The gluten-free pasta gift baskets available at contain several options from brands like Orgran, such as the Orgran Rice and Corn Spirals Pasta, Orgran Rice and Corn Penne Pasta, Orgran Vegetable Rice Spiral Pasta, etc.

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Where to find Gluten-free pasta online?

Is it hard to find gluten-free pasta online? Not really! But it sure is hard to find gluten-free pasta online that is genuinely flavorful and healthy. Being accustomed to pasta with gluten, the flavors and textures of gluten-free pasta must be equally good, which is not achieved by most brands. imports several brands and variants of gluten-free pasta in India from different countries, that are highly popular and liked by the consumers, such as Orgran Superfood Pasta Penne – Kale, Quinoa, and Brown Rice, Orgran Superfood Pasta Spirals – Millet, Quinoa and Buckwheat and Orgran Quinoa Penne Pasta. The best gluten-free pasta is no longer hard to find.

The best gluten-free pasta can be ordered by you in the form of gluten-free pasta gift baskets to give to your loved ones on different occasions.

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Does gluten-free pasta have carbs?

Gluten is technically a kind of protein that is mostly found in grains. Hence, the purpose of eliminating gluten from one’s diet is not the equivalent of eliminating carbs from the diet as well. To answer whether gluten-free pasta has carbs or not, the answer is yes! Gluten-free pasta does have carbs.

The difference though in wheat or refined flour-based pasta and gluten-free pasta is that gluten-free pasta provides many benefits, regardless of the presence of carbs. For example, the Orgran Superfood Pasta Penne – Kale, Quinoa, and Brown Rice does contain carbs but is made of ingredients such as quinoa and brown rice, which are extremely high in fiber content and are a common choice for those trying to be healthy and fit.

Also, carbs are important for the body because they convert into glucose and help in providing the necessary energy to your body. Rather, most fruits and vegetables also contain carbs and nothing gets healthier than fruits and vegetables, right?


Why choose Gluten-free Pasta Gift Baskets?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Gluten-free pasta and Gluten-free pasta gift baskets.

1. Pasta makes the heart happy, gluten makes the body healthy

Well, pasta is one of the best possible food on earth and no matter what variant or sauce it is made in, pasta always makes the heart happy. Also, gluten-free diets have shown to provide several health benefits like reduced weight, better heart health, high energy, etc.

You should choose the gluten-free pasta gift baskets because they’ll make your loved ones feel happy and also help them stay healthy. Tasty food does not have to be unhealthy and these baskets prove that.


2. Different pasta dishes

The gluten-free pasta options in the gluten-free pasta gift basket that have been specially curated by for you are great to make different kinds of pasta dishes like gluten-free pasta salads, mac, and cheese or the good old pasta in your favorite sauces.


3. Imported Gluten-free pasta brands has added products from imported gluten-free pasta brands in the gluten-free pasta gift baskets for you and your loved ones, that are highly rich in nutrients and fiber, and are also imported from different countries like Australia. The best gluten-free pasta from the brand Orgran is highly appreciated in Australia, from where it is also imported.


Now that the gifting season has dawned upon us, place your orders for the gluten-free pasta gift baskets online at Being super-healthy and gluten-free, these are the best new-age gifting options for any occasion.