• Sun Dishwasher Tablets All in 1, Lemon (45 Tablets)

    Sun Pack of 45 Tablets All In One Washing Instructions: Rinse after use, liquid, salt, glass protection and the machine washing – Packs HYDROFILM 100% soluble – Patented Formula That Increases The Power Through The catalytic converter cleanboost and removes the most stubborn stains (such as tea) – without phosphate, more friendly to the environment (than the previous formula) – 1 tablet per wash.

    Country of Origin: Netherlands

  • Sun Rinse Aid, 450ml

    Do you want your dishes to be sparkling clean? Check out the new Sun Shine Boost rinsing liquid which, when used with your detergent, provides a better finish for your dishes, combining perfect cleanliness and brilliant shine. Its advanced formula containing brightening agents enables you to achieve a finish with 3 times less traces and more beautiful dishes for a longer period!

    Country of Origin: Netherlands

  • Sun Dishwasher Tablets Classic (105 Tablets)

    The Sun Classic Dishwasher tablets with improved performance do not require pre-rinsing. Removes stubborn stains and ensures an excellent clean dish. To be used in combination with Dishwasher Salt and Sun Rinse Aid.

    Country of Origin: Netherlands