Complete Guide on How to Use Dishwasher Rinse Aid

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We have seen dishwashers as kitchen essentials only in the western countries because here in India, house help are available in abundance. But as times are changing, dishwashers are becoming popular in India as well and the demand is seen to be increasing significantly. Dishwashing is a fairly easy process; but it is essential that all necessary steps and products are followed and used respectively to gain the expected results, one of which is using a dishwasher rinse aid.


What is a dishwasher rinse aid?

A dishwasher rinse aid is a chemical formula that doesn’t allow water to stay and stick to your dishes in the form of droplets that may lead to water stains and helps in providing absolutely shiny and clean dishes. But, since that sounds undemanding, you might think if at all you need rinse aid or how you can use it. Let’s answer your questions about why you need a dishwasher rinse aid and how to rinse aids work.


Why do you need a dishwasher rinse aid?

Rinse aid is suggested to be used in dishwashers because it provides several benefits. Firstly, it helps in getting squeaky clean dishes, especially glasses and glassware. Secondly, because glassware and chinaware products in the kitchen are prone to scratches and marks while washing, rinse aid helps in providing the necessary protection from such marks. Lastly, the drying process in a dishwasher becomes much more effective by using rinse aid. These are the few reasons why you should absolutely use rinse aid in your dishwasher.


How do rinse aids work?

There is a science behind how and why rinse aids work in dishwashers and that too better than any other alternatives. Water experiences surface tension naturally and such tension is what leads water to form drops or beads on a surface instead of flattening or dropping down. Such drops and beads can lead to the formation of watermarks and stains on your dishes.

The rinse aid, through its specific and special formula, prevents the water from staying and forming droplets on the surface. As a result, it naturally falls down and your dishes dry up quickly. Because rinse aids are also acidic in nature, they ensure the removal of oil buildup, and the result you receive at the end of the process includes clean, shiny, and well-dried dishes, fresh out of the dishwasher.

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How to use a rinse aid?

Well, it is fairly easy to use rinse aid and most dishwashing companies design their dishwashers in a way that they contain automatic dispensers which can be used to add liquid soap or detergent as well as the rinse aid before washing cycles. In an unlikely situation where your dishwasher may not have an automatic dispenser, just buy a rinse aid basket or dishwasher pod that includes both the detergent and the rinse aid. For example, the Finish Rinse Aid comes in a liquid form that you can easily add to the automatic dispenser along with your liquid detergent and just let the dishwasher do its job.


What happens if you don’t use rinse aid in the dishwasher?

If you are thinking that not using dishwasher rinse aid will lead to some tragic and disastrous results, that’s not true! You would still be able to wash and dry your dishes as usual. But here’s why you shouldn’t do it!

Not using a dishwasher rinse aid will not spoil your dishes and dinnerware instantly, but you will notice several changes in the appearance of your dishes gradually as they will gather scratches and etchings as well as water spots over time, each of which will be hard to remove. Your expensive china and glassware will not remain as shiny and beautiful which is why you should stick to using rinse aid dishwashers.


Is there a substitute for dishwasher rinse aid?

White vinegar is often used as an alternative to dishwasher rinse aid because it is cheap and does the job. But, it doesn’t do any miracles in making the dishes look ultra-shiny or clean, nor does it improve the wash quality in any way. Rather, white vinegar can reduce the long-term life and shine of your expensive dishes, while also spoiling the internal parts of the dishwasher.

It is very much recommended to use a suitable and proper rinse aid only because a few pennies saved now can result in high expenses and spoilage of dishes later.


Can I use vinegar as a rinse aid in my dishwasher?

If you have a dishwasher or have considered buying one, this is certainly a question that you have searched on the internet or asked from a friend. And it wouldn’t be surprising to find that you may even have received a thumbs up in response because vinegar is all-natural and cheap, so why not use it instead?

But, you shouldn’t be using vinegar as a replacement of dishwasher rinse aid. There are several reasons why. The pH value of vinegar is very close to sulfuric acid and it is capable of ruining several substances, including your dishes in the long run. Also, vinegar may ruin the hoses and gaskets made of rubber within the dishwasher, requiring you to shell a hefty amount later to get it repaired from a breakdown.

Even though a dishwasher rinse aid may contain vinegar and maybe acidic in nature, it would be well-tested and made especially for the dishwasher, such as the Finish Rinse Aid and won’t lead to the same breakdown and destruction of your dishwasher and dishes as vinegar.


How to choose a rinse aid?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule as to how and which rinse aid you should choose to use in your dishwasher. There are plenty of brands and versions of rinse aids available in the market that pretty much do the same job as they are tested properly in labs to ensure that the desired results can be provided.

But, if at all you feel conscious about choosing the best dishwasher rinse aid, you can easily head to and choose a product that you find suitable for your needs. These products are specially imported from different countries across the world as there is a lack of availability of dishwasher aids and products in India for now. The brands available on for rinse aids such as Finish Rinse Aid are high quality and renowned in the market for their results.



It is said that if you are doing anything, you should do it properly and how. This means that nothing should be half-done. So, why should you let dishwashing be a half-done process in your house by skipping the use of a dishwasher rinse aid?

The importance of using a dishwasher rinse aid cannot be explained enough and the long-term quality of your expensive dishes, as well as the dishwasher itself, depends on the use of proper products that are meant for dishwashing instead of cheap alternatives that will only put a big hole in your pocket eventually.

Using rinse aid is not only recommended but also fairly easy. It not only provides instant benefits in the form of clean and water-stain-free dishes but also provides long term protection from scratches and markings. Also, despite a lack of availability of high-quality rinse aids in India, there are several options available on that you may choose from to buy the best dishwasher rinse aid, and at affordable prices too.