History of MAMA Noodles Company

History of MAMA Noodles

Who doesn’t like instant ramen noodles? If someone doesn’t, something must be wrong with them because nothing is as yummy and as quick to make as instant noodles. But the fact is, not all instant ramen noodles are great in taste and flavors. Sometimes they taste bland, and at other times you find yourself eating a mushy, gooey mix of water and flour.

But you can finally put a stop to your search for perfect instant ramen noodles that taste great and satisfy the soul with every bite, thanks to the existence of MAMA instant noodles that are manufactured by the MAMA noodles company. Let’s discuss what MAMA Noodles are and the history of the MAMA noodles company.

What are MAMA Noodles?

MAMA ramen noodles are semi-dried noodles that are sold in both cups and pouches and can be cooked and consumed instantly. They come in various flavors and are the perfect choice for a quick snack meal or just for those untimely hunger pangs when you have no time to step in the kitchen to cook an elaborate meal.

Apart from being great in taste and convenient to cook, MAMA ramen also does not contain any harmful preservatives or artificial colors.


Who made MAMA Noodles?

Well, MAMA ramen is popular, but who made MAMA noodles? Which is the MAMA noodles company? The MAMA ramen noodles are made by the Thai President Foods Company, which is based in Thailand but has been able to popularize the MAMA noodles so much with the high quality and great taste, that they are now available and demanded in several countries across the world.


Thai President Foods History – The MAMA Noodles Company

Thai Presidents Foods Company was established in 1972 and the main purpose of this organization was to produce and sell MAMA ramen noodles in the market. It is a company based in Bangkok, Thailand, and has been producing MAMA ramen since its establishment, as a result of which the company is popularly known as the MAMA noodles company in the market.

In Thailand, the popularity of the MAMA ramen is so much that the company alone holds a 50% share of the market. Till the year 2017, the MAMA Noodles company had been invested in the production of MAMA ramen only, and hence, they were able to achieve perfect flavors and texture for the noodles. Since 2017, the company has entered into a joint venture with another company named President Rice Products Public Company Limited and now manufactures more variety of products such as rice noodles, porridge, vermicelli, rice sticks, etc., in addition to the several flavors of MAMA noodles.

Mama Shrimp Noodles

One of the reasons behind the popularity of MAMA Noodles is the variety of flavors that they come in, such as the MAMA Chicken Masala Noodles  or the MAMA Cup Noodles Pork Flavor which is one of the most loved flavors amongst customers. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry because MAMA noodles come in a vegetarian variant too – MAMA Vegetable Flavor Noodles. You can easily order these from www.glocery.in at affordable prices.


Where do MAMA Noodles come from?

The origin of MAMA noodles happened in Bangkok, Thailand and the brand has been popular ever since. The MAMA noodles company, i.e. the Thai Presidents Foods Company manufactures and exports the MAMA noodles all across the globe and the customers have grown to like the flavors and taste of the noodles, which is why their demand is at an all-time rise in the domestic and the international market.


How to make MAMA ramen noodles?

There is nothing difficult or troublesome about the MAMA ramen noodles, be it in terms of taste or in terms of cooking them. Cooking the MAMA ramen noodles is very easy, as all that you need to do is put the noodles and the several condiments available in the packet in a bowl and pour steamy hot water on top. After you’ve added the hot water, just cover the bowl with a lid for 3 minutes and voila! You’re done!

And maybe that’s why they call them instant noodles right?

You can have the MAMA noodles ready to be eaten and relished under five minutes. Since the noodles are not required to be cooked for prolonged periods on the stove, they do not get mushy in texture and will remain firm. But also, the MAMA noodles have a much better and high-quality taste and texture as compared to other instant noodles. They are thinner and get cooked properly instead of providing the al dente texture, which is why they are much better than the regular instant noodles.


Where to buy MAMA noodles online in India?

MAMA Noodles company is based in Thailand and hence, it is not a native Indian brand which is why the noodles are imported from Bangkok. But worry not! They can still be found easily on www.glocery.in. Glocery.in provides the whole variety of flavors of MAMA noodles like the MAMA Chicken Masala Noodles, the MAMA Cup Noodles Pork Flavor, MAMA Vegetable Flavor Noodles or the most famous MAMA Cup Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum.

Both pouch and cup versions of all the different flavors of MAMA ramen noodles are available on the website that you can easily add in your cart and get delivered at your doorstep at very affordable prices. And, that’s not all! Glocery.in also brings you other products from the MAMA Noodles Company such as the MAMA Instant Rice Vermicelli Noodles and MAMA Gluten-Free Rice Vermicelli.



You would be lying if you say that you never feel those untimely hunger pangs or crave to eat a hot and steamy bowl of ramen noodles every once in a while. And the best part about most ramen noodles is that they can be cooked instantly! But do you often compromise on the taste and flavors of instant noodles just because they are quick and easy to make? You do not have to anymore because the MAMA Noodles are here to rescue your taste buds.

The MAMA Noodles are manufactured and sold across many countries in the world by the Thai Presidents Foods Company, which is also popularly known as the MAMA Noodles Company. These noodles come from Bangkok in Thailand and are being manufactured for many years now. They are so popular in Thailand that 50% of the market share for instant noodles is enjoyed solely by the company.

MAMA Noodles are so easy to make and you will be found enjoying it within a duration of as less as five minutes. But, that doesn’t mean that the ramen noodles compromise on taste and flavors in any aspect because MAMA noodles taste highly authentic and have a great texture.

You can easily find and order MAMA Noodles from the comfort of your home from www.glocery.in while choosing from the many amazing flavors that they come in.