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  • UMAI Japonica Sushi Rice Raw Small Grain, Sticky – 500gm

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    • Japonica Super Premium sushi rice has short, plump grains crucial for sushi.
    • Japonica sushi rice’s elevated starch content yields its signature stickiness.
    • Japonica sushi rice is ideal for sushi, holding well and absorbing flavors.
    • Japonica sushi rice thrives in Japan’s climate and soil conditions, where it’s commonly cultivated.
    • Japonica sushi rice is prepped by washing and soaking to remove surface starch, ensuring ideal sushi texture.
    • Japonica sushi rice’s versatility extends to various Japanese dishes and desserts.
    • Slightly off white, firm yet creamy, UMAI Japonica Sushi Rice has attributes that make it perfect for sushi or other dishes.


    Country of Origin  ‎Vietnam

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