Premium Ssamjang paste

  • UMAI Korean Ssamjang Paste, 500g | Authentic Ssamjang Paste for Traditional Korean Cuisine

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    Experience authentic Korean flavors with UMAI Korean Ssamjang Paste. Versatile and delicious, this high-quality 500g Box enhances grilling, bibimbap, and more. Elevate your dishes with UMAI’s rich complexity.

    • Experience the true essence of Korea with this authentic flavor.
    • Versatile paste: perfect for dipping, marinating, or seasoning your favorite dishes.
    • Ideal complement to bibimbap and various traditional Korean culinary delights.
    • Enhances flavors, adding depth and complexity to every mouthwatering bite.
    • User-friendly packaging ensures convenient and effortless utilization in culinary endeavors.
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