satisfying crunch

  • Gullon Digestive Oats & Orange Biscuits 425g

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    • Gullon Digestive Oats with Orange Biscuits, 425g: A tasty combination of orange flavor and oats.
    • Nutritious: A good snack option because it’s full of nutritional nutrients and fiber.
      The biscuits have a pleasant crunch that makes every mouthful enjoyable.
    • Practical pack size: A substantial 425g pack guarantees sustained enjoyment.
    • Adaptable: Ideal for on-the-go, school, or home snacking.
    • A wonderful taste combination is produced by the mix of orange and oats.
    • Reliable brand: Gullon is well-known for its taste and quality, and it offers excellent biscuit selections.

    Country of Origin: Spain