Sugar-free Imported Products for a Healthier Living

To sugar or not-to-sugar? If to consumer sugar, how much to consume sugar? How to read the sugar-free and no sugar added labels on sugar-free products? These are some questions that most of us ask ourselves while trying to lose weight or stay fit. Excessive sugar is unquestionably harmful to health and the body.

Extensive research urges limiting sugar consumption due to weight and chronic health concerns. Sugar intake adversely affects the heart, causing inflammation, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke risks.

Convenience dominates diets due to hectic lifestyles and busy schedules today. Resultantly, we unknowingly consume excessive sugar from breakfast sandwiches, coffees, and snacks, neglecting label checks. After all, who can say no to cookies right?

Why do we consume processed sugar and sugar-based food items?

Our body utilizes sugar, a carbohydrate, to release essential energy. But, there are several natural food items such as fruits, which provide us enough natural sugar to function with. Instead, we opt for a pack of cookies or a muffin instead to satiate our sugar cravings.

Come to think of it, what purpose does it solve then? Why is there a need for processed, high-content, and high-caloric sugar in everything we eat? There is none. The processed sugar in most food items satisfies the criteria of making them tasty and delicious, so that we buy more, make more, and eat more.

Say cakes and ice-creams have high sugar content and it is only the sugar that makes them delicious. Can you think of yourself eating a sugarless cake with as much excitement?

But what if you were told that you can achieve a similar sweet taste without actually consuming the extent of calories that table sugar contains? The whole dilemma around whether or not sugar is healthy and if one should consume it in the form of processed food in specific led to the discovery of artificial sweeteners in the market that are low in calories and fructose content. These sweeteners have now become a significant part of diets today as well as of products that are being manufactured by companies.

People are increasingly opting for products like sugar-free Natura powder to add in their food instead of table sugar to enjoy the same taste and keeping themselves healthy as well. Another discovery as a result of the rejection of sugar-based products by certain groups of people has been in the form of ‘Sugar-free’ and ‘No Sugar Added’ products.

What does ‘Sugar-free’ and ‘No-added Sugar’ mean?

These terms are thrown around very commonly today and can be easily spotted on food packaging while shopping in the supermarkets. But what does ‘Sugar-free’ mean? And what does ‘No-Sugar-Added’ mean?

The products that come with the labels of ‘Sugar-free’ contain only 0.5 grams of sugar which is added in extension to the natural sugar content that exists in the products through the ingredients used therein.

This quantity of sugar is much less than what is added in the normal products that do not come with such a label. Another category of healthy food items available in the market is labeled as ‘No Sugar Added’ as they contain no sugar added in addition to the natural and healthy fructose content that exists within their ingredients.

Both the alternatives of sugar-free and no sugar added are healthy because the calories contained in them are less and help in controlling and managing the diets and health of an individual.


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Why opt for ‘Sugar-free’ or ‘No sugar added’ products?

Lifestyles and habits have changed significantly from generations that relied solely on natural and healthy food. We cherish consuming cookies and ice-creams and hence, there is no reason why we should completely opt-out of consuming them.

Packaged food makes a sugar detox or zero-sugar diet challenging. No sugar diet plans are also difficult to abide by because our sweet tooth often pulls us back to one bite of a rich chocolate cake and eventually the whole slice of it leading to no benefits of staying away from sugar anyway.

So what do we do to stay healthy while satisfying our taste buds? We opt for sugar-free products and sugar-free recipes because sugar-free is the new healthy. Sugar-free products offer equivalent sweetness with fewer calories, avoiding health issues and heart diseases from excessive sugar intake.

Consuming ‘Sugar-free’ products helps manage cravings, weight, and health effectively.

‘Sugar-free’ or ‘No sugar added’?

As already discussed above, sugar-free products aren’t completely devoid of sugar content. Our products retain natural sugars from ingredients, providing health benefits. Only 0.5g sugar per serving added for taste, much less than typical products.

‘No Sugar Added’ products have no additional sugar beyond natural content from ingredients.

Choosing between ‘Sugar-free’ and ‘No-Sugar-Added’ products is subjective. Both are healthier options with less sugar intake.

The decision depends on personal preference: no added sugar or minor sweetness for taste.

If you’d like to reduce weight and quit sugar, but still relish the sweetness, you can opt for sugar-free products. If you desire a no-sugar-added diet, opt for products without added sugar, relying on natural sweetness.

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