Sushi Vinegar vs Rice Vinegar – Which One Is For You?

Sushi Vinegar vs Rice Vinegar

If you like cooking and spend a lot of your time in the kitchen trying to decide your next meal, the difference between sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar must have bothered you at some point in time. It is great if you have learned the difference between the two. But if you still find yourself unsure between the two, we are here to finally settle the confusion.


Settling the difference between Sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar

Vinegar is commonly used in many dips, sauces, and salad dressings amongst other dishes. Sushi vinegar and rice vinegar are most commonly used in oriental cuisine, especially to make sushi, such as the UMAI Sushi Vinegar. If you are fond of sushi and find yourself trying to perfect the recipe at home, sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar is a confusion that you have surely experienced.


So, what is the difference between sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar?

To understand the difference between sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar, you must first understand the origin and use of rice vinegar. Sushi is a popular dish in the oriental cuisine and rice vinegar is one of the most important ingredients to be added for providing the right flavor and texture to sushi. It is made by fermenting rice, is usually pale in color, and has a mellow taste.

Rice vinegar is not only used in sushi but different dips, sauces, and salad dressings as well. Sushi vinegar on the other hand is made by seasoning rice vinegar, by adding salt, sugar, and also sake. Basically, the main difference between rice vinegar and sushi vinegar is the element of seasoning that is provided to sushi vinegar, which you would otherwise need to add separately while using rice vinegar.

The sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar confusion is not very elaborate. There is a very simple way to learn the difference, i.e. sushi vinegar = rice vinegar + seasoning (salt, sugar, and sake). Once you have learned this, there is not going back into wondering which one is more suitable to use.


Can I use sushi vinegar instead of rice vinegar?

In the settling of sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar differences, one of the commonly asked questions is if sushi vinegar can be added to dishes instead of rice vinegar. Well, while it may be true that the composition of both sushi vinegar and rice vinegar slightly varies from each other, you can use sushi vinegar as an alternative for rice vinegar. You can choose the UMAI Sushi Vinegar available at in the absence of rice vinegar.

Rather, using sushi vinegar instead of rice vinegar may be better because while using rice vinegar, you would be required to add sugar as well as salt to achieve the right flavors of seasoned rice. But since sushi vinegar already has salt and sugar, you can simply add it and enjoy your favorite seasoned rice without going through the hassle of adding something more.

The traditional flavors of each ingredient in any dish make all the difference in building the character of that dish. And if someday you find yourself running out of rice vinegar while making sushi at home, use sushi vinegar instead because it will not alter the traditional flavors of your dish.

Sushi Vinegar


Rice vinegar substitutes

Both rice vinegar and sushi vinegar are not common to find in Indian kitchens. Also, investing in so many products can be overwhelming sometimes. Though it is recommended that you use rice vinegar or sushi vinegar in specific to your salads, rice or sushi, you may use either of the following rice vinegar substitutes –


  1. White wine vinegar

One of the best and closest substitutes for rice vinegar is white wine vinegar, which is made by adding white wine in vinegar and fermenting the mixture. White wine vinegar should be used to season rice for sushi by adding some sugar as it is slightly acidic in taste.


  1. Apple cider vinegar

In the list of rice vinegar substitutes, Apple Cider Vinegar would be the most common one to be found in Indian kitchens and pantries. You may use apple cider vinegar instead of rice vinegar while making sauces or dips. Make sure to add some sugar while using it in rice or sushi and you can enjoy the similar flavor that rice vinegar provides.


  1. Champagne vinegar

If you do not have rice vinegar in your pantry but can spot some champagne vinegar, feel free to use it instead in your food because champagne vinegar also has the light and delicate taste and flavor that rice vinegar provides. As obvious from the name itself, champagne vinegar is made by fermenting champagne.


Though each of these alternatives is great to use instead of rice vinegar, it is recommended to use rice vinegar or sushi vinegar in your dishes to get the most authentic taste and flavors. Food is nothing without authentic flavors after all!


Which one to choose? Sushi vinegar vs Rice vinegar

There is no hard and fast rule about which of either you should choose. If you are a busy bee, who needs to get the cooking process finished quickly, without losing out on any flavors, you can choose sushi vinegar instead of rice vinegar because you would be able to eliminate the steps of adding seasoning separately.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind going the traditional way and adding all ingredients separately, rice vinegar is always the main preference in making sushi or seasoned rice.

Though, it is recommended to use sushi vinegar instead of rice vinegar because of one simple reason that you might end up adding too much or too little sugar and salt while adding them separately. Sushi vinegar would provide you the exact balanced taste and flavor instead, which would keep you away from the worry of messing up the taste.


How much Sushi vinegar should be used?

Again, the amount of sushi vinegar that you wish to add would depend on your preferences of the flavor. But, you may add about 20ml of vinegar in a quantity of 100 grams of rice. While using the UMAI Sushi Vinegar, you may add two tablespoons of the vinegar in your rice. The quantity of sushi vinegar may increase to one cup depending on the quantity of rice you are making.


Where to find Sushi Vinegar in India?

It is indeed difficult to find many ingredients that are not crucial for Indian cuisine food or Chinese cuisine food in Indian cities. But, if you relish oriental food and have been on a lookout for sushi rice vinegar in India, you can order the UMAI Sushi Vinegar from The UMAI Sushi Vinegar is high quality and available at an affordable price, considering it is an imported product.

The vinegar is not solely used for making sushi and can also be added in salad dressings and dips. There are many sushi vinegar recipes that you can find on the internet and make use of every drop of the vinegar that you order from

We hope that the confusion of sushi vinegar vs rice vinegar must be eliminated after reading this article and you would be able to make a better choice on which product to use while cooking the next time. Bon Appetit!

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