What Do You Buy For A Gluten Free Person?

Gluten free gift baskets

Gifting is an art because it requires you to consider the choices of the other person and fit them into your budget to finally land on something that suits the occasion and ticks all the other boxes as well. There are surely days when your talent goes waste as you wish to gift someone a box of their favorite snacks or cookies, only to realize that they have turned the gluten free way. But you can now find gluten free gift baskets for your favorite gluten free person.

What to gift a gluten free person?

Gluten free is one of the most recent trends in the food world. What started as a dietary requirement for people with gluten allergy and intolerance, has been recognized to have many potential benefits. Certainly, one of your friends must have tried to convince you to adopt a gluten free diet too.

While gluten free diets are beneficial, it is a real difficulty to find gluten free gifts for friends who would not consume the usual cookies and chocolates. It is even worse to buy gifts for a person who not only has gluten free preferences but also does not consume sugar. You are eventually left to look out for gluten free gift baskets or savory gluten free baskets. Products like the Orgran Essential Fibre Crispibread and the Orgran Quinoa Wafer Crackers are great gluten free options to add in gluten free gift baskets.


Are gluten free gift baskets available in India?

The gluten free diet preferences are rather new and not very popular in India yet. It is a task to find gluten free products, leave alone gluten free gift baskets. But www.glocery.in has come to rescue with a huge range of gluten free products in India, which are specially imported to meet the growing demand amongst customers and are manufactured by popular brands like Orgran and Gullon. These brands are extremely popular abroad and are appreciated by people.

Glocery.in has made the effort of combining assorted gluten free products to create the best gluten free gift baskets for you that you can easily order and gift to someone special who has specific gluten free preferences.


What do the gluten free gift baskets by Glocery.in include?

We know what your next question is! ‘Gluten free gift baskets sound fine, but what exactly do they include? The gluten free organic gift baskets include a variety of products that are imported by Glocery.in and cater to one’s many possible cravings. The gluten free gift baskets include products that would either need to be cooked or else could be consumed right from the packet.

Ranging from cookies to instant noodles and pasta to the morning cereal, the baskets include products that would suit the tastes and preferences of your loved ones. What’s even better? You can get products like Orgran Chia Wafer Crackers, Orgran Fava Bean Crispibread, and Gullon Mini Choco-Chip Cookies in the gluten free gift baskets that are delicious and the perfect snacking options on a hectic day. Who says gluten free food can’t be fun?

gluten free gift baskets 1

Such products are procured from brands that are not just popular and known for their gluten free as well as no sugar added products; but also, trusted for their expertise in manufacturing gluten free products that are yummy and healthy.


Still wondering why to choose Glocery.in for gluten free gift baskets?

Half this year has gone by and the best time of the season, i.e. the gifting season has arrived. Birthdays and anniversaries kept aside, many festivals and occasions are celebrated in the last few months each year like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, etc. and there is no better gift for your loved ones than the food items loved by them. Here’s why you should choose glocery.in for gluten free gift baskets for your friends and family –

  1. Imported and high-quality products

The importance of high-quality products cannot be highlighted enough, especially when it comes to products that must suit specific dietary restrictions such as being gluten free. The products offered in the gluten free gift baskets by Glocery.in are imported from different parts of the world and are high-quality. These are two factors that would increase the value of your gifts and make you feel proud for choosing them for your friends.

2. Wide range of variety

The gluten free gift baskets by Glocery.in include a huge variety of products such as the Orgran Brekki Porridge Hot Cereal, Orgran’s Itsy Bitsy Cocoa O’s, Orgran Outback Animals Chocolate Cookies, Orgran Wild Raspberry Fruit Filled Biscuits, Orgran Chia Wafer Crackers, Orgran Fava Bean Crispibread, Gullon Mini Choco-Chip Cookies. From cookies to crackers, pancake mixes to porridge cereal, there is a vast assortment of products that you can gift to your gluten free friends.

gluten free gift baskets 2

3. Perfect for any occasion

Food is the perfect gift for any and all occasions because festivities are always incomplete without food. For your friends who are always on the lookout for gluten free food products, gift baskets at glocery.in are a perfect fit, regardless of the occasion. Also, you would not just be gifting these baskets to them; you would be introducing them to a platform that would satisfy their need for gluten free items in the future as well.


Visit www.glocery.in now to place an order from the comfort of your home and make your loved ones happy with a gluten free gift basket.