Where to find Gullon Biscuits in India?

Gullon Biscuits in India

Biscuits are the all-time favorite snacking option for most people because they are not just tasty but also very convenient to consume. The morning or evening tea or coffee seems incomplete without biscuits and it is almost a ritual for most people to consume them every day. If you are fond of imported biscuits, you have surely heard about Gullon Biscuits and must have wondered where to find Gullon biscuits in India.

Gullon Biscuits India

Gullon is a popular brand in Spain that is known for manufacturing many products including biscuits in many different flavors variants. The thing that is especially popular about this brand is the fact that their biscuits and cookies contain all things good and are greatly liked by the customers. Why exactly are Gullon biscuits popular?

1. Healthy and delicious

One of the highlights about Gullon biscuits is the fact that the company makes biscuits that are sugar-free or else have no sugar added. The company is popular because its products satisfy the needs of modern customers like you, who wish to consume all things tasty and delicious but also wish to remain healthy by not consuming excessive sugar in their meals.

The sugar-free biscuits by Gullon are very tasty and come in different flavors such as Gullon Marie Biscuits and even Gullon Mini Choco Chip Cookies. Products like the Gullon Fruit and Fibre Oats Biscuits are full of fiber content, because of which they are extremely healthy and very much capable of satisfying those cravings for cookies and biscuits.

They are the perfect accompaniment to your evening tea with your family.


2. Sugar-free/no sugar added

Another highlight of the Gullon biscuits is the fact that they do not contain the usual sugar content that is added in most cookies and biscuits. Most products and biscuits by Gullon come packed with the sugar-free or no sugar added tag because the company feels responsible for manufacturing such products that would suit the taste buds of the customers without making them spoil their health with excessive sugar.

The biscuits by Gullon with the sugar-free tag will contain 0.5 g of sugar in addition to the natural sugar contained in the product, which is much lesser than what is added in the usual cookies and biscuits. On the other hand, the no sugar added biscuits by Gullon will only contain the natural sugar content derived from the ingredients of the products and will have no extra sugar added to them.

Hence, sugar-free or no sugar added, whichever products you choose from Gullon, they will only be healthier alternatives for you because of the low sugar content, that you can happily consume without any guilt.

Gullon Digestive Biscuits 1

3. Variety of flavors

The Gullon biscuits India comes in a huge variety of flavors and combinations. There are several flavors like Gullon Fruit and Fibre Oats Biscuits, Gullon Cinnamon Crisps, Gullon Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits, Gullon (sugar-free) Choco Chip Cookies, Gullon Marie Biscuits, etc.

While talking in terms of variety, Gullon doesn’t only provide a variety of flavors but also provides a significant variation in the specific requirements of each customer. For example, while some people may prefer sugar-free, others would go for absolutely no sugar added products. Gullon has options for both categories of people. Besides, Gullon even has several gluten-free options for those who have chosen to adopt the gluten-free diets, such as the Gullon Marie Biscuits or Gullon Mini Choco Chip Cookies.

You can choose from the whole variety of products offered by the company such as Gullon digestive biscuits, Gullon sugar-free biscuits, Gullon no sugar added biscuits, etc. at www.glocery.in.


4. Imported brand

Another reason why you may Order the Gullon biscuits India is because Gullon is originally a Spanish brand and brings along the goodness of Spanish flavors and expertise. It is very difficult to find products that are imported from outside India and can be bought at reasonable rates because most platforms and supermarkets that import goods from abroad, sell them at sky-high costs.

At www.glocery.in, you can easily order the Gullon biscuits India at a very affordable price, in all the variety that is being offered by the company. The quality of the biscuits is high and you as well as your guests would surely relish them.


Gullon breakfast biscuits

What do you think about the idea of eating biscuits for breakfast that is healthy and meet your dietary requirements as well? Gullon provides a variety of breakfast biscuits such as the Gullon Digestive Muesli biscuits or Gullon Oats and Orange Digestive biscuits that you can add to your breakfast guilt-free.

Gullon Digestive Biscuits 2


Are sugar-free biscuits OK for diabetics?

Diabetics are required to control their sugar intake significantly and are not allowed by the doctors to consume sugar-based products. As a result, they often feel bad about having to quit consuming many of their favorite things, especially cookies and biscuits because of the high sugar content.


But, the sugar-free biscuits contain much less sugar content and can be consumed by diabetics also. The presence of good ingredients such as fiber or millet in Gullon biscuits adds to the healthiness of the biscuits too. Also, if you still feel unsure, you can always opt for the several no sugar added options provides by Gullon, which are healthy to consume. Anyway, a few cookies never hurt anyone, especially if they are sugar-free or no sugar added.


Are Gullon biscuits vegetarian?

The use of eggs or other animal-based products is a huge concern amongst many people and often, the details of the use of such products are not easily available as well. In the case of Gullon biscuits though, they are 100% vegetarian as well as lactose-free. So if you are a vegetarian as well as a lactose-intolerant, looking for healthy and sugar-free cookies, Gullon checks all the boxes for you.

Sugar-free biscuits are all the rage among people who are trying to remain healthy and trying to cut off their sugar consumption as well. You don’t have to be a diabetic to stay healthy and make your heart happy. But, being healthy and keeping your body fit does not imply that you need to completely break ties with your favorite food products. Rather, all you need to do is to choose better and healthier options of what you like to consume.

Since biscuits are a staple in most people’s diets, sugar-free options have emerged in the markets to satisfy the cravings. But not all sugar-free biscuits are tasty or sugar-free because to maintain the taste, many companies do add sugar while hiding the details about their presence. Gullon biscuits India one the other hand, make use of natural ingredients to add sweetness like fruits, dark chocolate, etc. to enhance the flavor of the biscuits and still maintain the health factor.

Gullon biscuits India is a great choice because they meet the claims that they put on the labels of their products. This is why they specify sugar-free products as sugar-free and products with absolutely no extra sugar as no sugar added instead of making a blanket claim on any of them. If you are on a constant lookout for sugar-free biscuits, Gullon biscuits India are your best choice.

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